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GrCh Oryxes Big Pond Cruiser WC,CGC
Pond and Zena

Saucydog's Zesty Zena RN

We have a new toller litter born February 12, 2017. Seven pups, 5 boys, 2 girls. The dam is Saucydog's Zesty Zena RN the sire is GrCh Oryxes Big Pond Cruiser WC, CGC. We are now accepting applications. Priority will be given to performance and/or show homes.
This litter is highly outcrossed with a low coefficient of inbreeding (5.26%). Many high performance and show dogs throughout the pedigree.
Check out the breeders list on the N.S.D.T.R. website for breeders in your area. The current price of a toller pup is $2000.

CLICK HERE to download a TOLLER puppy questionnaire

Zena's sire, Sunny with her dam, Sally (sitting)
Can Ch/Am. Gr.Ch. Westerlea Nothin' but Blue Sky

The Dam
Ch. Saucydog's Sultry Sally CGN

Here is Sally with her newborns by Cody in 2012.

The six pups, 3 girls (yellow, pink, purple) and three boys (red, green, blue) at one day of age.



Here is a toller puppy at 1 week old. Their eyes and ears are still shut. At 2 weeks the eyes will start to open and by 3 weeks they will be off exploring their world. Below is a previous litter of toller pups at 4.5 weeks.


Saucydog Kennels, Nanaimo, B.C., Canada